Discover Your Own Meaning of Wealth and Joy

What do you think about when it comes to "Wealth and Joy"?

Do you think about...
... or about living a life that is rich both materially and spiritually, and leaving a legacy that makes the world a better place?
For many of us, the pursuit of "wealth and joy" is shrouded in mystery...

We get so caught up in the rat race of making ends meet, that we have forgotten that happiness comes from being able to live freely and do what you love, not just having achievements or owning material things. 

How many times have you heard someone say “I worked myself to death for nothing”, or experienced this yourself? People who put their lives on hold and work really hard at the expense of their personal relationships, mental wellbeing and health.

Please don't wait for that to happen.
It's time you take back control, to find what really ignites the fire within you, and to live a life that is truly worth living.
Join me for fun, intense yet enlightening session of the...

The Wealthflow Sandtable Experience

The Wealth Flow Sandtable experience is board game play, coaching and reflection session.

It incorporates both traditional Chinese culture and western wealth philosophy, that can help you enhance your ability in wealth and joy management in life. 

You get to experience forty years of your life in just two hours – learning from the “real life scenarios” in the Sandtable. Learn how you react to opportunities, setbacks, marriage, giving birth to children, going through adversity, bankruptcy and more.

During the session, you will also use a Wealth Flow Statement to help you monitor how you evolve throughout the whole process.

And at the end of the session, we will end with a deep introspective reflection session to help you pinpoint your own strengths and weaknesses in building wealth and joy, from the perspective of both traditional Chinese philosophy and western philosophy.

You will be able to look back on the forty years of life and apply the experience gained from the faults they have made in the simulation into real life.

Join me for the

Wealthflow Sandtable Experience

Seats are limited!

This is an intimate and private in-person session limited to 4 participants per session, and is personally facilitated by me.

Together, we will experience the Wealth Flow Sandtable simulation, followed by a close group reflection and sharing session on the key learning points, takeaways and action steps.

Date / Time

14 July 2021 (Wed) 4pm – 6pm /
14 July 2021 (Wed) 7pm – 9pm


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